Are You Making These 3 Common Medical Marketing Mistakes?

No medical practice can afford to forgo online marketing, not if they want to attract and retain patients year after year.

An effective online marketing strategy focuses on understanding and fulfilling the needs of patients but digital marketing is not always as straight forward as we would like it to be, particularly if it’s not your forte.

Let’s take a close look at three of the most common mistakes that medical professionals make when marketing their clinics.

3 Common Medical Marketing Mistakes

Seeking help too late

Don’t wait until your patient numbers are frighteningly low to seek help from a professional marketing agency. Taking a proactive approach to online marketing will ensure that you are busy throughout the year. However, if you have left it a little too late, know that there are steps you can take to turn things around.

Google and Facebook advertising campaigns allow you to use highly-specific targeting to get in front of potential patients. If you happen to have an email list at your disposal, email marketing is another tactic that can get you results fast!

When it comes to marketing your medical practice, having a long-term strategy in place is the right approach. SEO and content marketing are just examples of tactics that can be used to continuously drive traffic to your website. Making marketing a top priority is not something that you will regret.

Find a specialised marketing agency for surgeons to assist you with your long-term strategy as they have more specific experience with medical professionals.

Not doing enough to stand out

If there is one thing that medical professionals know to be true, it’s that competition can be quite fierce. When last did you take the time to really think about what makes your practice different? Jot down a few statements that speak to your values and what makes you different from your competitors. Find ways to work these differentiators into your marketing, giving prospective patients a good reason to choose your practice instead of a competitor’s.

Some medical professionals use themselves to stand out from their competitors. Personal branding is very powerful and your personality and unique set of skills can be used as your differentiator. Before you make any bold statements though, make sure that they comply with industry regulations.

Failing to keep track of trends

Obviously, when you’re running a medical practice, the last thing you’re thinking about is how patients are spending their time online. Keeping track of patient behaviour and online trends is crucial to understanding how you should be marketing to them. Along with turning to Google for details on the latest trends, your website can also provide you with a wealth of information that can be used to optimise your marketing efforts.

Understanding how patients interact with your website and your content will allow you to refine your patient experience, which should lead to more conversions. Again, seeking the assistance of a professional agency that specialises in medical marketing can help save you a lot of time, trial and error.

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