The Internet Marketing Process

SEO. Search engine optimization. SEM. Internet marketing. Market and keyword research! You’ve probably heard the buzzwords and seen the results on the internet. Maybe you’d like to learn why Uncle Bob’s Widget-Wrangling Emporium uses exactly the same phrases to explain its wares again and again, or why a wayward Google search dumped you right into a wasteland of nonsense text and crazy links. Our blog has some solutions (we have written lots of material for novices), but it is about time we tackled the large question behind everything: How does someone start an Internet marketing campaign?

The very best answer we are able to give is to speak about our process: the way we help companies improve their online profile. Let us break it lower into steps:

Site Analysis and Internet Marketing Consultation

When you call us, the very first factor we all do is give a free initial consultation. We evaluate your website based on numerous criteria, including:

Titles: Good titles tell searchers what your internet site is about having a quick scan – and tell the various search engines too.

Coding: In case your site is not coded correctly, it’s difficult for search engines like google to log information and link you to definitely relevant searches.

Content: Good SEO increases a site’s organic appeal. This is a fancy method of stating that it ought to be simple for real individuals to read and understand.

Other Things: We review your site from the 3 angles – together with a couple of that are not usual for the broader SEO community.

Deep Consultation

If our free consultation session sparks your interest, the next thing is an in-depth consultation session made to spark your advertising campaign. A GILL Media representative asks you detailed questions regarding your requirements, expectations and key business information. You will be able to do all of it within 30 minutes – however that bit of time goes a lengthy way. This is when we learn your fundamental keywords, blogging needs and marketing aspirations


Deep consultation creates an “information seed.” Extensive research grows it right into a comprehensive strategy. This is exactly what we study:

Keywords: This is actually the meat within the SEO sandwich. We evaluate your suggestions and make new keywords, putting them through several tools along with a firm organic eyeballing before we elect if they’ll result in the cut. Best keywords are popular, although not too competitive to construct a much better search rank around. Plus, we would like some less-looked lengthy tail keywords backing the leading-runners.

Competition Profiles: We study your competition’s keywords, backlinks and check positions. We sometimes even uncover competitors you did not know you’d.

Search Page Composition: we have a close consider the first pages of each and every search according to keywords. Are positions filled by Wikipedia articles? Government sites? Spammy SEO sites? This can help us fine-tune keywords.

Again – Other Things: Our research combines automated and organic tools. We moderate raw figures with the skill of creating appeal. Should you leave “soft” aspects from the equation you will not get quality backlinks – since the correct solutions originate from interested, human agents who choose your website.

Strategy, Analysis and continuing Consultation

With research in hands, we create a technique for the month, quarter and year. We give back a study detailing your custom SEO and Internet marketing strategy. This package can include blogging, link development, PPC advertising and site adjustments, based on your requirements.

When you approve, we execute your plan, monitoring traffic and check leads to measure its usefulness. It is a dynamic campaign we adjust it whenever new data inspires a big change. We offer monthly updates by telephone, and quarterly written reports that detail what lengths you’ve come.

We Do Not do Spammy

We are really not a “spammy” Internet marketing firm, and also you should not play one. Don’t tie your company’s online presence to hidden links, scraping, splogs along with other tactics which are either dishonest or annoying. Spammy tactics are an easy way to obtain your site banished from Google, which is the alternative of search engine optimization. Why have a stupid risk?

Media One would provide you with appropriate sem internet marketing strategy to make your product or business visible and familiar in the online realm. They would ensure that your company becomes successful with a number of visitors visiting your website.

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